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The principal level of trust and the quality of our legal services are the reasons for our clients´ satisfaction and their successful business.

Witt & Kleim Law firm has been on the market in Slovak Republic since 2015. It provides services to local, national and international clients.
Since the beginning it has been focusing on commercial law, specifically on the provision of legal services for start-ups, then on corporate agenda consisting of the management of receivables and contract preparation, due diligence, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of companies, whether as the representative of creditors or debtors.
We would like to introduce you to the legal services of our law firm, its basic structure, the principles of providing our legal services and our process of solving individual problems of the clients. We believe that through this website we will answer most of your questions and that Witt & Kleim Law Office will become the solution for your requirements, too.


Witt & Kleim Law firm resolves for us mainly cases of international agreements. In this respect, it is good to have lawyers with a broad view, not only in law but also in the nature of the case, which, in our instance, is engineering production and the market associated with it.

Ing. Martin Vaško, member of the Board

LLZ Servis s.r.o.

I consider Dr. Ragas as one capable lawyer with a sense of fair-play approach to clients with a highly professional attitude towards the counterparty.

Katarína Lopušná, managing director

VÚSAPL, a.s.

Dr. Ragas´s predatory approach may not suit everyone, but if he is on our side, that suits me perfectly.

Ing. Marek Vidlička, vice chairman

ZLATNER spol. s r.o.

I can only express complete satisfaction with the quality and speed of their legal services and also with the extraordinary willingness to solve our things practically. We haven´t experienced that anywhere yet.

Ladislav Zlatner, managing director

TT Racio s.r.o.

In addition to their professionalism, I appreciate the personal dimension of the relationship with the people from the law firm Witt & Kleim and that makes me want to recommend their services to our business partners.

Mgr. et Mgr. Juraj Turóci, managing director


In addition to their knowledge of law there are evident both their business and negotiating skills that are at solving legal problems by Witt & Kleim more than noticeable.

Adam Hoška, managing director

MIKROVRT spol. s r.o.

Sometimes we read the submissions filed to the court and we only nod our heads appreciatively over their content. Satisfaction…

Ing. Ján Kuľhavý, managing director

Specialization of legal services

Witt & Kleim law firm provides sophisticated legal services in debt recovery in order to minimize the need for legal proceedings.

In some cases where the nature of the claims does not allow it, they are enforced through judicial and arbitration proceedings, through execution or bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings of the debtors. In the past the law firm, or its partners, recovered receivables with a face value of more than 50,000,000.00 EUR.

Thanks to this now the law firm has personnel and material-technical structure for the administratively difficult recovery of high amounts of debt.

Mainly for this reason, the management of receivables is one of the key services provided to clients.

We perform legal acts during the formal restructuring in situations anticipated by law in cooperation with the client.

We participate in the preparation of a restructuring plan so that it meets the legal requirements and that it particularly respects the reality of our business clients and we provide legal services throughout the whole restructuring aimed at the recovery of the business and its continued operation.
Thanks to dozens of restructurings which the agency or its staff participated in, the current services provided in the field are a top-level product that covers all the situations which occur in the process of formal businesses recovery.

Merging companies, or acquisitions, is the agenda where the law firm provides execution of contracts and minutes required for the acquisition.

Legal services in this area are intended mainly for companies that are interested in acquiring or extending their market share and / or to improve their production and business processes to create effectively functioning structures and higher profits.
A takeover represents a specific form of acquisition where the target company may or may not agree to the takeover. Therefore, our Law Office performs qualified tasks in order to quickly and legally assume control of the acquired company. Moreover, we provide clients with protection against hostile takeovers.

We provide legal services to our clients in real estate field from the pre-contractual documentation to the handover protocol.

In addition to a quality project, in real estate development it is necessary to ensure the contractual documentation related to the transfer of property, as well as the contractual documentation concluded with the particular service providers, prepare the documents required in zoning, building and cadastral proceedings.
The Law Firm also provides services to municipalities and private investors in the preparation of greenfield and brownfield projects, including due diligence of real estate.

We provide services to new entrepreneurs related to the establishment of the companies and protection of know-how for every start-up.

The most dangerous time for start-ups are the first six months when the product or service already has its basic features and in order to expand the founders are looking for some financing partners, but the company hasn´t arranged sufficient protection of its ideas in order to prevent their use by the competition or the addressed investors.
For this reason, in addition to providing standard services of establishing the companies, we also help protect know-how, in particular the registration of patents, industrial designs and trademarks and provide legal services in connection with investments of third parties into start-up companies.
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